Diego's Street Taco Stand

Don't Be Fooled by Cheep Prices!
Good Quality Steak and Chicken Cost money

Carne Asada/Beef Steak and Chicken,
Lots of Toppings
Refried Beans, or Smoky Black Beans,
Spanish Rice,
Grilled Jalapenos
Mexican Caesar Salad,
Chips and Salsa

$ 15.50 per person
4 Full Hours of Food Service

Decorations Included !

Add Fresh Guacamole $ 2.00 per person
Add Mini Burritos $ 1.50
Add Cheese Enchiladas $ 2.50

Add Chips and Salsa Table
for Hors D'Oeuvres $ 1.50

Price also Includes

Chaffers, Serving Ware,
Buffet Tables and Linens

Plates, Napkins, Forks and Knives.
Buffet Canopy (if needed)

Price does not include: Event Staff, Tax, or Gratuity