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Spectacular Sliders

Thick Burger Slider: Ground Sirloin with all the normal stuff, like Crisp Lettuce, Juicy Tomato slice, but with a Honey Dijon Mustard.

Ground Sirloin with Chipotle Mayonnaise Slider: This Ground Sirloin is topped with chipotle pepper in adobo sauce. Add a little Lime Juice, Salt and freshly ground black pepper and you have a winner!

Tri-Tip Steak Sliders: Thin Sliced tri-tip with Big Edís Sweet B.B.Q. sauce. Pretty Simple, but Pretty Good to!

Pulled Pork Slider: Pulled pork with a Honey Mustard B.B.Q. sauce like the Carolinas do! Then these little minis are topped with a light and refreshing cole slaw for an extra crunch!

Southwest Turkey Burger Sliders: I know, I know! You think Slider, the last thing you think of is "turkey burger." But this one is delicious! Itís filled with all sorts of yummy southwestern flavors that really pop in your mouth. Then itís topped with Cheddar cheese (or, I like to use Pepper Jack cheese for more heat) and fresh avocados!

Jalapeno Sliders: Warning! This is for heat-seeking junkies only! These mini burgers are blended with minced jalapenos before grilling! Like it really hot? We keep the seeds in and prepare for your mouth to be on fire! The burgers are topped with a sour cream salsa sauce to add extra layers of flavor.

Scallops Burger with Cilantro Lime Mayo: Drooled all over myself on this one! There is nothing like a perfectly seared scallopÖ. except one that is arranged on a mini slider! These succulent little treats are topped with a light slaw salad and a tart, refreshing cilantro lime mayo. I dare you to eat just one!

Pork Tenderloin Sliders: Chili crusted pork tenderloin makes an excellent dinner. When you add cilantro lime mayo, grilled onions then you one delicious mini pork burger!

Mini Reuben Slider: You layer the slider with tender lean Corned Beef, a little ĎKraut, Swiss Cheese and a dollop of Thousand Island Dressing. Theses Rubens can come on mini-rye bread too!

Buffalo Chicken Slider: What could be better than a mini-Buffalo Chicken Sandwich? Each bite of these sliders is packed with flavor that will burst in your mouth. Top it with either ranch or blue cheese dressing for even more punch!

Southern Fried Chicken Sliders: These chicken sandwiches are the hottest thing. They have a piece of golden fried (or grilled) chicken and I top it with tangy dill pickle slices, some cheese and honey mustard sauce! Finger licking good!

Blue Cheese Stuffed Bacon Sliders: This one is blue cheese stuffed with bacon! This one is different because it calls for a grilled pear which sounds so cool! Instead of lettuce, top the burger with arugula for that high-class kind of feel!

Grilled Portobello with Pesto Slider: I actually marinated this Bello Burger Slider in the Italian dressing basil and horseradish mustard before grilling. The flavors soak into the mushroom and WOW! We add a few grilled red peppers and the taste buds do back flips.

Portobello Mushroom & Walnut Crusted Goat Cheese slider: Goat Cheese is one of the creamiest, most delicious cheeses in the world! For this slider we kick the goat cheese up another notch by crusting it in chives and walnuts! Instead of using a whole portobello, use just the caps. Then layer it with caramelized onions and just a smear of Dijon mustard! The walnuts and creamy cheese will bring out the woodsy flavor of the portobellos

Smoked Portobello with Gouda: This unique Portobello Burger uses barbecue sauce to infuse flavor into the mushroom. The smokiness of the BBQ sauce enhances the raw, earthy layers of the mushrooms. We use caramelized onions or fried onion straws for a little bit of texture. I love the addition of the Gouda cheese, which has an almost smokey feel to it as well.