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Spectacular Catering
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Hollywood Theme Costume
May I Help You?
Hollywood Actors
Dancing, Shows, Anything!!
Hollywood Costumes
Pretty Girls? Guys? Whatever
Silent Movie Costumes
Silent Movies


Costumed Staff
Hollywood Backdrops
Neon Backdrop
Hollywood Theme Buffet
Movie Theme Satellites
Oliver Hardy
Oliver Hardy Entrance


Heaven Can Wait Theme
Can Heaven Wait?
Hollywood Grand Entrance
Grand Entrance
firework.gif (37048 bytes) Hollywood Staff Costumes
Crazy Servers


Hollywood Theme Center Piece
Guest Table Center Pieces
Hollywood Wall Decoration
Creative Wall Decorations
Hollywood Props
Lights, Cameras, Action
Frankie and Annette Theme
Frankie and Annette
Hollywood Props
Hollywood Props
Hollywood HorsD'Oeuvres
Hors D'Oeuvre Buffet
Hollywood Red Carpet
Red Carpet Entrance
Hollywood Theme Buffet Decorations
Buffet Decor

Fred Astaire Cut Out

Call To Reserve Date! (714) 533-7705