Skull Buffet
  Spectacular Catering Anaheim. Irvine, Newport Beach
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Spider Web Buffet

Rice Crispy Treats on a Stick

Wolf Morsels

Bones and Blood

Barbequed Zombie Ribs

Lizard Eggs
Theme Party

Everybody likes a good Halloween Party, but we can make your Halloween Party GREAT!
Not only do we provide
Decorated Buffet Tables,
Costumed Event Staff,
But the Food matches the Theme!

Are your ready for some:

Vampire Fingers and Blood Dip
Spider Egg Sacks
Slimy Worms on a Bun
Wolf Morsels

Or maybe a little

Monkey Brain Pie

What ever our Warped Minds can think of,
we bring it to YOU!

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Mummy Dogs

7 Layer Spider Dip

Vampire Fingers

Monkey Brain Pie

Spicy Bat Wings

BBQ Werewolf Sliders

Spider Egg Sacks

  Mini Pizza Pumpkins